Within the historic walls of the COSMOS building, Earnhart continues the former bicycle factory’s tradition of Swiss craftsmanship. Where once bicycles for the Swiss military and postal service were hand-assembled, today Earnhart thoughtfully creates handmade works of art, communication and design.

Design. Embracing Creation.

Art. Embracing Life.

Born in Switzerland and emigrating at a young age to the wild west of the United States of America shaped much of the artist’s spirit. His art career emerged from sketching his evangelist father’s preaching poses and was validated with a degree from the Art Institute of Seattle. The molds of his strict religious upbringing were broken in the process and freed his spirit in transcendent ways to express his relationship with his heavenly Father in visual vibrancy.

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Alfred-Aebi-Strasse 71
2503 Biel/Bienne

+41 79 603 03 10


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